Who we are

Momentum company was established as a public benefit corporation in 2016 to serve as the growth engine of the automotive professions. Momentum was the initiative of the Beyachad Foundation in the partnership with car importers and the Israel Vehicle Importers Association.

Our goal

We aim to transform the automotive professions into a sought-after higher education and vocational training opportunity, enabling young men and women in Israel to attain self-fulfillment and rewarding employment in a distinctive profession, with opportunities for career advancement and satisfying income, in order to strengthen the Israeli automotive sector and the economy.

Basic targets

Expanding the pool of required professionals

a. Increasing the number of graduates of the most relevant and indispensable courses of study and training.

b. Increasing the number of people joining the professions most essential for the automotive industry.

Upgrading the study and training courses for careers in the automotive industry

a. Improving and updating training programs and courses in terms of content, teaching quality, teaching environment, teaching methods and operating model.

b. Improving the accreditation scheme of the various training options, in order to improve the passage of pupils, soldiers and students from the school system to the IDF, and later into other institutions, including vocational training, technological education and academic education.

Changing the image of the automotive professions and promoting workers' wellbeing

a. A measurable image upgrade for work in the automotive industry, particularly among the relevant target populations for careers in the industry.

b. Increasing the mobility and professional advancement within the industry and between sectors.

c. Increasing the attractiveness of work in the automotive industry from the employees' perspective.

Implementation model

Establishing partnerships to promote common goals between stakeholders in the public, business and social sectors. Developing models, programs, knowledge sharing and innovative thinking that promotes the growth of the automotive industry in Israel.

What are our focuses?

1. Increasing the pool of personnel available to the industry.
2. Cultivating the future generation.
3. Improving education and training.
4. Upgrading the image of the automotive professions.

The theory of change

The rapid pace of technological advances in the automotive industry over recent years, the decline of technological education and the poor image of the profession have led to a shortage of skilled workers capable of coping with advanced technological systems and sophisticated computerized systems. According to various forecasts, it is projected that in about five years there will be a severe shortage of workers capable of repairing cars, trucks and buses - especially modern, electric and hybrid ones.

In light of the insights arising from analysis of studies and projected trends, Momentum's strategic plan is based on several evidence-based assumptions:

a. Improving the satisfaction of employees in the automotive industry, and in particular the perceived attractiveness of work in this industry among employees – this is the key to the cultivation of the future generation of workers in the automotive industry.

b. Upgrading the image of the industry among the general public is essential for the development of the required future generation of the automotive industry. In particular, strengthening positive perceptions of the challenge and personal interest, and diminishing negative perceptions about working conditions, opportunities for promotion and wages.

c. Over the medium term, the automotive industry will need more skilled workers and more workers with post-secondary education. In order to meet this need, it is essential to improve the education and training process for employment in the automotive industry.

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